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F&P Text Level Gradient: Q
Come along on a journey 
through the aquatic habitat 
of a forested wetland. Meet 
a wide variety of animals 
that call the soggy forest home. Discover how deep-sea animals 
survive in the dark ocean habitat 
and how they attract prey or 
repel predators. Nursery rhymes go nautical, 
from sea to shining sea, in 
this fanciful book of familiar 
children’s verse with a twist. 
Ideal for read-aloud, this book 
will bring laughter and joy…
and just maybe the smell of salt 
water in the air!
3Hardcover Books978162855428152.85
3eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816285543281-Yr:24.00Life:48.10
3eBooks - Site License97816285543281-Yr:90.00Life:450.00

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