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Physical Science
How did one weigh an elephant in ancient China? Based on a true story, discover how six-year-old Cao Chong outsmarted the prime minister’s most learned advisors by using buoyancy! One day Ming smells delicious food coming from Fu Wang’s house. To his alarm, Fu Wang demands all the neighbors pay him for the pleasant smells. The neighbors refuse and the case goes to court. A child decides to build a fort and Grandpa helps. Follow the completion of the fort using six simple machines: lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, and wedge. With her magnets, Dena is a master magician. But when Enrique challenges her with a century-old treasure map, Dena’s magnetic compass leads her astray. What caused the shift and what does Dena learn from it? Join a young boy and his dog as they explore Newton’s Laws of Motion on an educational outdoor adventure!
5Hardcover Books978160718598789.75
5eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816071860211-Yr:39.95Life:80.10
5eBooks - Site License97816071860211-Yr:150.00Life:750.00

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