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Math Grades 3-5
Basic math skills include simple multiplication and division, simple fractions; coordinate grids (maps in FCM), reading and understanding charts and graphs (FCM), and higher-level place value, measurement/temperature comparisons (FCM).
An orphaned sea lion is found and 
raised at The Marine Mammal 
Center in Sausalito, California. 
When released, he keeps swimming 
back to the Center, just like a lost 
dog finding his way home. Divide and conquer bands of gorillas, 
tribes of billy goats, mobs of wallabies, 
and more animal groups with The 
Great Divide! Soar into the Solar System to witness the first 
Favorite Planet Competition, emceed by none 
other than the former-ninth planet, now known 
as dwarf planet Pluto. The readers become the 
judges after the sun can’t pick a favorite and the 
meteors leave for a shower. From pirate bugs to Luna moths, 
children will love learning about 
the world’s insects. This rhythmic 
book teaches multiplication in a 
way that will make children bug
you for more. After chugging down his glass of 
milk that’s two-thirds gooey paste, 
a young boy and his friend are off 
to camp for a day of fraction fun 
and an out-of-this world soccer 
game. After a devastating earthquake, 
mother and baby giant panda run 
from the wreckage of their reserve 
only to get lost. Will they ever find 
their way home again? This sequel to the award-winning 
Water Beds takes readers on an 
around-the-world boat ride to learn 
how mammals sleep in or around 
nine major rivers of the world on 
all continents except Antarctica.
Henry Hare challenges Tess 
Tortoise to a one mile race. 
Who will go the distance - 
5280 feet?
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