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Lexile Set: 1000
Can you smell with your feet? Do you dig your claws into a river’s muddy bank to climb up and bask in the sun? Animals’ legs are different from humans’ in so many ways! The summer days get a little colder; the leaves turn from green to orange and red. Critters play in the time of changing seasons and remind us that the changes of the earth affect us all—animals and humans alike! Discover how deep-sea animals survive in the dark ocean habitat and how they attract prey or repel predators. This sequel to the award-winning Water Beds takes readers on an around-the-world boat ride to learn how mammals sleep in or around nine major rivers of the world on all continents except Antarctica.
4Hardcover Books9781628554403121.65
4eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816285544411-Yr:32.00Life:64.15
4eBooks - Site License97816285544411-Yr:120.00Life:600.00

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