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AR Set: 5th Grade
Join the ABC Safari looking for animals in the sky, mountains, forests, deserts and oceans – all over the globe in all kinds of habitats. Discover how deep-sea animals survive in the dark ocean habitat and how they attract prey or repel predators. Enjoy a day in one of the most dynamic habitats on earth—the salt marsh. Fun-to-read, rhyming verse introduces readers to hourly changes in the marsh as the tide comes and goes. Seasons change in the ocean much as they do on land. In fanciful form, children learn about plants and animals that are joined through the mix of seasons, food webs, and habitats beneath the waves.  This sequel to the award-winning Water Beds takes readers on an around-the-world boat ride to learn how mammals sleep in or around nine major rivers of the world on all continents except Antarctica. Some trees are short and some are tall. Some grow in hot deserts and others grow on cold mountains. Compare and contrast different characteristics of trees through vibrant photographs.
6Hardcover Books9781607181705118.65
6eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816071821081-Yr:47.95Life:96.15
6eBooks - Site License97816071821081-Yr:180.00Life:900.00

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