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2017 Spring Set
6 eBooks (128 mb): Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story; Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal; Moonlight Crab Count; Otis the Owl; True Princess of Hawai‘i, A; Vivian and the Legend of the Hoodoos
It’s time for the citizen science bat count! Jojo and her family record the number of bats visiting their barn. Is it a maternity roost? The true story of Honey Girl, the Hawaiian monk seal, will captivate readers as the endangered seal is rescued, rehabilitated, released, and becomes a mom once again. Leena, her mom, and dog Bobie hop in the boat for a night of citizen science counting horseshoe crabs on the beach. Learn valuable facts as they survey these ancient animals. Huge eyes and fluffly feathers will steal the hearts of readers as they learn how Otis the barred owl prepares for the big world outside the nest.  Nani finds out what it means to be a true princess, when Princess Luka visits Hilo to save the town from the flowing lava of Mauna Loa. The legend of the hoodoos is far from Vivian’s mind as she and Grandma pick pine nuts. But when Vivian disrespects the trees, Grandma reminds her of the legend and their history.
6Hardcover Books9781607183600107.70
6eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816071836241-Yr:47.95Life:96.15
6eBooks - Site License97816071836241-Yr:180.00Life:900.00

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