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2017 Fall Set
4 eBooks (54 mb): Animal Tails; Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant; Living Things and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book; Night Creepers
Learn about ways animals use 
their tails: to move on land, swim, 
warn others, steer, hold on to things, 
keep warm, balance, fly, attract a 
mate, and defend themselves! How did one weigh an elephant 
in ancient China? Based on a true 
story, discover how six-year-old 
Cao Chong outsmarted the prime 
minister’s most learned advisors 
by using buoyancy! Using a wide variety of photographs, 
author Kevin Kurtz poses thought-
provoking questions to help readers 
determine if things are living or 
Told with short, lyrical text, young readers 
learn about crepuscular and nocturnal 
animals. Older readers learn more about 
each animal with sidebar information.
4Hardcover Books978160718604571.80
4eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816071872951-Yr:32.00Life:64.15
4eBooks - Site License97816071872951-Yr:120.00Life:600.00

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