What's the Weather? A What or Why Book

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What's the Weather? A What or Why Book
Weather changes daily. Sometimes it can even change from one moment to another—like a sudden storm. Weather affects our daily lives from what we wear to what outdoor activities (or lack thereof) we can do. Learning about weather and how to dress and prepare for it is an important skill to learn. Maybe even more important is the skill of observation. By asking simple questions, children become engaged and can start to observe and make correlations about the weather around them so they will understand how the weather impacts their lives.

Written by * Various
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 3 - 7, Grades PK - 1, Lexile: 590
EBook 9781643518695  
Spanish EBook 9781643518480  
Keywords:   weather
Vetters:   Thanks to the Meteorology Staff at WCIV, ABC News 4 in Charleston SC for verifying the information in this book.


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