Turtles: A Compare and Contrast Book

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Turtles: A Compare and Contrast Book
There are over 300 different species of turtles. They live in deep ocean waters to dry desert habitats and range in size from small box turtles to gigantic Galapagos tortoises. They all have shells as part of their skeleton but some shells are flat and others are large domes. Some turtles can pull heads into shells for protection but others cannot. Some are herbivores and others are omnivores but none have teeth. Learn more about what these reptiles have in common and how they are different through the latest edition of the Compare and Contrast Book series.

Written by Cher Vatalaro
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 4-9, Grades 1-4, Lexile: 590L
Paperback 9781643519951 $11.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781638172949 $11.95  
EBook 9781638170143 Purchase Here
Spanish EBook 9781638172987 Purchase Here
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Animals in the book:   turtles, tortoises
Vetters:   Thanks to Kristi Dodds, Learning Coordinator at the Woodland Park Zoo for verifying the information in this book.


Author/Illustrator Info:

Cher Vatalaro (Vat-a-lar-o) remembers visiting zoos and aquariums as a child and seeing the relationship the keepers and trainers had with the animals. That’s when she decided to work with animals when she grew up. College studies and internships at nature centers and marine parks led to full time jobs. Cher is now the Director of the Conservation Education Department at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and fondness of animals. In addition to her work at the zoo, Cher is also the African Penguin Species Survival Plan’s Education Advisor for the Ambassador Animal Scientific Advisory Group. As if she doesn’t get enough animal time at work, Cher and her family have 2 cats, a dog, and a parrot. In addition to Turtles: A Compare and Contrast Book, Cher also authored Penguins: A Compare and Contrast Book for Arbordale Publishing.


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