Seal or Sea Lion? A Compare and Contrast Book

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Seal or Sea Lion? A Compare and Contrast Book
Seals and sea lions look very similar and it’s sometimes difficult to tell which is which. Both of these marine mammals swim with flippers and can be found in oceans all over the world. One has visible ear flaps while the others’ ears have no external flaps. One swooshes through the water using their back flippers and the other uses their front flippers to swim. On land, one bounces along and the other can “walk” on their flippers. Learn about the similarities and differences between these marine mammals in this latest addition to the Compare and Contrast Series!

Written by Cathleen McConnell
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 5-9, Grades 1-4
Keywords:   animal anatomy & adaptations, compare and contrast, physical adaptations, marine mammals, mammals, seals, sea lions
Animals in the book:   seals, sea lions


Author/Illustrator Info:

Cathleen McConnell loves all animals—especially those that live in the ocean. She fell in love with sea otters while volunteering at the Oregon Coast Aquarium shortly after it opened. Having the opportunity to share her excitement for otters and other marine life with visitors is what inspired her to pursue a career in zoo and aquarium education. Currently, as part of her job with the Conservation Engagement team at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Cathleen runs all kinds of family programs including day camps and “Zoo Snooze” overnight experiences. Over the years she has taught countless children about the wonders of wildlife when they have visited on field trips, or as part of an outreach program at their school. Although she has developed curriculum and provided professional development for teachers, this is her first book. She hopes that it will get kids excited to learn more about animals and how each is uniquely adapted to survive in their natural environment. Cathleen lives in Washington state with her three cats and two guinea pigs. When she can, she also fosters guinea pigs in need of adoption through a local rescue group.  

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