Hippo or Rhino? A Compare and Contrast Book

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Hippo or Rhino? A Compare and Contrast Book
When visiting a zoo, do you know which animal is the hippopotamus (hippo) and which is the rhinoceros (rhino)? Yes, they both live in parts of Africa, but rhinos also live in parts of Asia. Both eat grasses, but one spends most of their day cooling off in the water and only comes onto land to graze in the evening. The other spends most of their days grazing. Some monkeys have prehensile tails, but did you know that one rhino species has a prehensile upper lip? Explore the similarities and differences between these mammals in this latest addition to the Compare and Contrast Series!

Written by Samantha Collison
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 4-9, Grades K-3
Paperback 9781643519913 $11.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781638172932 $11.95  
EBook 9781638170105 Purchase Here
Spanish EBook 9781638172970 Purchase Here
Keywords:   animal adaptations, physical adaptations, animal anatomy & adaptations, compare and contrast, mammals
Animals in the book:   hippopotamus, rhinoceros, hippo, rhino
Vetters:   Thanks to Jay Ballard, Guest Services Supervisor - Volunteer Services at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance for verifying the information in this book.


Author/Illustrator Info:

Samantha Collison loves all things animals and nature. She spent over 10 years as an educator for the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, IA. In her time at Blank Park Zoo, she met countless children and helped instill a love for animals and nature through various educational programs and camps. If you ask Samantha if she has a favorite animal, she'd have a hard time answering! They are all impressive in their own unique ways! She now enjoys her time staying home with two young toddlers, a pet corgi, tortoise and a cornsnake. They spend much of their time exploring local nature trails and visiting Blank Park Zoo. Samantha's hope is that all young children feel curious about the animals and nature right in their backyard!  

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