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We are always happy to assist our customers when using our digital books or apps. If you need help please call us at (843) 971-6722 or email us.

Minimum Requirements:

Java, Javascript enabled on the computer
Supported Browser Versions - Chrome: 40.0+, Firefox: V35+, Safari: 7.1+, IE: V11+, iOS 9.2+, Android 4.4.2+

Instructional Videos: (click here)

Part 1: Introduction & Slideshow (4.5 min)
Part 2: Enhanced ebook demo (5 min)
Part 3: Fun eReader platform demo (5 min)
Part 4: Setup, access, & sharing demo (5 min)
Part 5: iPad App demo (11 min)
Part 6: Android App demo (coming soon)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register the app?

For individual customers that have previously purchased eBooks directly from Arbordale, enter your email and password. For new users purchasing ebooks as in-app purchases through the app store, you have the option to either register the app with Arbordale or continue. We recommend registering because you will then have access to your books on computers and other devices. If you are accessing through your school's license, enter: country, state, school, and password. If you are accessing through your public library's license, enter: country, state, library, and library card number.

I have an account with Arbordale but I have logged out of the app; how do I log back into my books?

Tap the "My Account" link on the left navigation bar. Click login (in the horizontal blue).

I have a classroom of tablets that were recently reset. Do I have to login to Fun eReader on each iPad again?

The app must be logged in inorder to access your ebooks. If the reset has logged the app out, then yes a re-login would be required. Login is generally a one-time event after which the app can be closed and reopened without having to log back in each time.

I am a school librarian trying to setup Fun eReader for the first time. What do I really need to do with this long setup email?

The key to success is making access easy for teachers and the families at home. Schools that do all 8 steps below tend to see big usage and those that do not, do not.

How do I get the app to work on my Kindle Fire?

On your Android device

On your computer

On your Kindle Fire

Fun eReader app will now appear on the Fire's App bookshelf ... enjoy!

eBooks open but no image or no audio

This is usually caused by security filters stopping the streaming images or audio.

How can I see which books I have purchased?

I bought Carolina's Story as standalone app on the iTunes store. Can I view this book in the Fun eReader?

If you registered the Carolina's Story App when it was downloaded, yes, you can view the book though the Fun eReader app on your iPad, Android device or computer at You will just need to sign in with you account. However, if you purchased Carolina's Story through iBooks, Kindle or Nook apps you are only able to view the book through that particular app or device.

We love the books but they feel sluggish on my iPad. What should I do?

First, check your internet speed and connection. The books stream through Wi-Fi by default and without a consistent strong connection, you may have trouble reading the book. To ensure consistent quality, download ebooks to your iPad. To download, go to My Account and click the orange Manage eBooks button. The green download buttons will save ebooks locally on your device for viewing without an internet connection. You can also un-install the book on this page to free space on your device once you are finished viewing the book. This will once again allow you to view the book only while connected to the internet.

How can I see which books I have downloaded?

There are three places to view downloaded books. The main eBook page will show a green checkmark for downloaded books. You can change your settings on the My Account page to only display downloaded books, or view the manage eBooks page, a red uninstall button indicates that the book has been downloaded.

What does the red "Uninstall" button mean on the Manage eBooks page? Will I still be able to play my purchased eBooks after Uninstalling?

Yes, you can still play purchased eBooks. When you press Uninstall, the downloaded eBook file is removed from iPad memory but the Fun eReader knows that you have purchased the eBook and will revert to playing the eBook by cloud streaming (which is its default).

I want to see how many books were read by my class this week where do I find my usage data?

Yes. If you, or your district/school administrator has chosen not to hide usage data, in the app go to the My Account page and under the settings heading click the arrow next to "Display Usage Data" to view your results. This feature is also available online on the left navigation bar. If Usage data is not enabled contact your administrator or contact us for assistance.

When I use my iPad or Android device to access the Fun eReader directly through Arbordale's access portal, my play button is gone and am only able to do the word highlighting and hear audio, one page at a time.

This is a limitation imposed by both Apple and Google and we are trying to find a solution. We figured one page at a time is better than none until we can make it autoplay as it does with computers. We do also offer the free Fun eReader Apps which have the autoplay feature (but no wordhighlighting, yet).

My PC with Internet Explorer will not open or will not play the eBooks after the Fun eReader opens and I have selected an eBook.

Ensure you have updated your IE to version 11+ and that Javascript is enabled on the computer. Whitelist Arbordale's IP address: and domain:

If the above does not fix the problem, try restoring IE advanced settings and reset internet explorer settings as shown below:

I cannot advance eBook pages using page curl with my mouse. I have a touch-screen laptop PC with Chrome.

This is a problem unique to touch-screens with Chrome. We are aware of the limitation and are trying to resolve. What we have observed is that you can still turn pages using the page curl method with your finger, just not with the mouse. We also have the page advance buttons on the navigation bar and they do still work with your mouse. This an annoyinng problem but the work arounds will get you going until we fix the underlying code issue.

My MAC will not open or play the eBooks after the Fun eReader opens.

  1. Open System Preferences - Network. Check the IPv6 setting. Make sure Configure IPv6 is NOT set to Automatically. Flip the setting to Off
  2. From your Safari menu bar top of your screen click Safari > Preferences then select the Security tab. Deselect: Enable plug ins. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.
  3. And try deleting the cache associated with Safari. (Not the same as deleting the cache from the Safari menu bar. Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder Type this exactly as you see it here:
    Click Go. Move the Cache.db (or ApplicationCaches.db) file from the folder to the Trash. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.

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