Standards for WV

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Alignment to Standards for WV

1 SC.O.1.1.06 collect, record and compare information using a variety of classification systems (e.g., ordering, sorting, or sequencing) and using a variety of communication techniques (e.g., sketches, pictographs, or models).
3 SC.O.3.2.04 relationships among organisms and predict the effect of adverse factors.
4 SC. identify human uses of plants and animals (e.g., food sources, or medicines).
4 SC. construct and explain models of habitats, food chains, and food webs.
5 SC.O.5.2.01 interconnections of biological, earth and space, and physical science concepts.
5 SC.O.5.2.08 trace and describe the pathways of the sunĂªs energy through producers, consumers and decomposers using food webs and pyramids.
5 SS.O.05.04.06 how people have changed the environment of the United States, critique their actions and report your findings to the class.
K SC.O.K.2.02 observe and describe the movement, growth and changes in plants and animals.
K-5 SC.S.K-5.2a interrelationships: physics, chemistry, biology and earth and space sciences (effect of natural disasters/seasons on living things, change in environment)

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