Standards for WV

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Alignment to Standards for WV

1 SC.O.1.2.12 describe the changes in the motion of objects (e.g., slowing down, speeding up, or curving).
2 SC.O.2.2.10 compare the effects of force on the motion of an object.
3 SC.O.3.2.11 recognize that it takes work to move objects over a distance.
3 SC.O.3.2.12 examine the relationships between speed, distance, and time.
3 SC.O.3.2.13 recognize that the greater a force is exerted on an object, the greater the change of its motion.
4 SC. relate motion of an object to its frame of reference.
4 SC. predict and investigate the motion of an object if the applied force is changed.
5 SC.O.5.2.16 describe how the variables of gravity and friction affect the motion of objects.
K SC.O.K.2.09 explore and state different ways objects can be moved (e.g., straight, circular, fast, or slow).

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