Standards for WV

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Alignment to Standards for WV

1 SC.O.1.1.03 changes in the environment: life cycles, motion of celestial objects, or sun and shadow
1 SC.O.1.2.15 recognize that the sun, moon, and stars appear to move.
1 SC.O.1.2.16 observe and discuss the importance of objects in the day and night sky.
2 SC.O.2.2.17 understand that the moon has phases.
3 SC.O.3.2.18 recognize the relative movement of the Earth and moon in relation to the sun.
3,4 SC.S.3&4.3c observe and identify patterns of change, consistency or regularity within the environment.
K SC.O.K.2.11 identify objects in the day and night sky (e.g., moon, stars, or sun).
K SC.O.K.3.02 observe and point out that change occurs gradually, repetitively, or randomly within the environment.

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