Standards for WV

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Alignment to Standards for WV

1 S.C.S.1.3c demonstrate the ability to distinguish between natural and man-made objects,
1 SC.O.1.3.03 distinguish between natural and man-made objects.
2 SC.O.2.1.03 identify and discuss science careers in the community.
2 SS.O.02.04.02 demonstrate knowledge of cardinal directions, a compass rose and map legends on a map.
2 SS.O.02.04.03 recognize major geographic features on a variety of maps and globes (e.g., rivers, lakes, oceans, islands, continents, mountains).
5 SC.S.5.3b demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence between science and technology.
K-5 SS.S.WV.04f point out geographic perspective and the tools and assess techniques available for geographic study (Uses of Geography).

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