Standards for WV

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Alignment to Standards for WV

1 S.C.S.1.3c demonstrate the ability to distinguish between natural and man-made objects,
1 SC.O.1.3.03 distinguish between natural and man-made objects.
1,2 SS.O.01& 02.04.04 examples of basic natural resources and how people use these resources.
2 SC.O.2.1.04 observing, classifying, comparing and analyzing natural objects in the environment.
3 SC.O.3.2.20 identify properties of minerals and recognize that rocks are composed of different minerals.
3 SC.O.3.2.21 explain how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed.
3,4 SC.O.3-4.3.04 given a set of objects, group or order the objects according to an established scheme.
4 SC. differentiate between types of rock and describe the rock cycle.
5 SC.O.5.2.23 identify resources as being renewable or non-renewable.
K SC.O.K.2.04 describe, compare, sort and group objects in terms of what they are made of (e.g., clay, cloth, paper, or metal) and their physical properties of size, shape, color, weight or texture.
K SC.O.K.2.12 observe and compare differences in earth materials.
K-5 SS.O.WV.04.06 compare and contrast the characteristics of renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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