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Alignment to Standards for WI

K-4 EE-B.4.6 Cite examples of how different organisms adapt to their habitat*
K-4 SC-D.4.4 changes in form, temperature, color, speed, and direction of objects and construct explanations for the changes
K-4 SC-E.4.3 Develop descriptions of the land and water masses of the earth and of Wisconsins rocks and minerals, using the common vocabulary of earth and space science
K-4 SC-E.4.6 Using the science themes, find patterns and cycles in the earths daily, yearly, and long-term changes
K-4 SC-E.4.7 Using the science themes, describe resources used in the home, community, and nation as a whole
K-4 SC-F.4.1 Discover how each organism meets its basic needs for water, nutrients, protection, and energy* in order to survive
K-4 SC-F.4.3 Illustrate* the different ways that organisms grow through life stages and survive to produce new members of their type
K-4 SC-F.4.4 the connections among living and non-living things in various environments

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