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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 S1-2:44.1 Observing and recording how the sky looks at different times.
1,2 S1-2:44.2 Keeping a journal record of the shape of the moon each night for a month.
1,2 S1-2:44.2a. The moon looks slightly different every day, but looks the same again about every four weeks.
1,2 S1-2:44.2b. The moon can be seen sometimes at night and sometimes during the day.
1,2 S1-2:47a. Change is something that happens to many things.
2,3 S3-4:44a. The earth is one of several planets that orbit the sun, the moon orbits the earth.
PK-K SPK-K:44 Observing and recording the day and night sky.
PK-K SPK-K:44 b. The sun and moon are in the sky.

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