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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 H&SS1-2:17 Identifying ways in which local institutions promote the common good (e.g., police enforce rules and laws, fire department, ambulances).
1,2 H&SS1-2:19a Identifying some goods and services that are provided by the local government (e.g., schools, parks, police, fire protection).
1,2 S1-2:41a. People use their senses to find out about their surroundings and meet their needs.
1,2 S1-2:41c. Senses help people satisfy their need to avoid danger: nose: smell fire; ears: hear danger
2,3 H&SS3-4:14f Describing the roots of American culture, its development and many traditions, and the ways many people from a variety of groups and backgrounds played a role in creating it.
2,3 H&SS3-4:19a Identifying goods and services provided by local and state governments (e.g., firefighters, highways, museums).
PK-K H&SSPK-K:15c Identifying authority figures who make, apply, and enforce rules (e.g., at home, in the family, school personnel, police, firefighters, etc.), and how these people help to meet the needs of the people in the community.
PK-K SPK-K:41 Identifying the five senses and using the senses to identify objects in their environment.
PK-K SPK-K:41a. People use their senses to find out about their surroundings and themselves. Different senses give different information.

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