Standards for VT

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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 H&SS1-2:12a Identifying ways in which they and people in the community take care of or hurt the environment (e.g., after identifying litter in the local area, discussing why the trash is there and giving suggestions about how the problem can be helped).
1,2 H&SS1-2:12b Participating in taking care of the environment (e.g., gardening, recycling).
1,2 H&SS1-2:19a Identifying some goods and services that are provided by the local government (e.g., schools, parks, police, fire protection).
2,3 H&SS3-4:12b Identifying and participating in ways they can contribute to preserving natural resources (e.g., creating a class or school recycling center).
2,3 H&SS3-4:16g Identifying behaviors that foster cooperation among individuals.
2,3 H&SS3-4:19c Describing and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using currency vs. bartering in the exchange of goods and services (e.g., an advantage of bartering is that one doesnĂȘt need money, a disadvantage is determining fairness).

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