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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 H&SS1-2:11f Using a simple map to find something (e.g., locating the teacherês desk on a map of their classrooms).
1,2,3,4 H&SS1-4:11h Identifying and using basic elements of the map (e.g., cardinal directions and key).
2,3 H&SS3-4:11e Locating major global physical divisions, such as continents, oceans, cardinal directions, poles, equator, tropics, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, tropical, mid-latitude and polar regions.
2,3 H&SS3-4:11i Asking appropriate geographic questions and using geographic resources to answer them (e.g., what product is produced in a region and why; atlas, globe, wall maps, reference books).
2,3 S3-4:47a. Waves, wind, water and ice shape and reshape the earthês land surface by eroding rock and soil in some areas and depositing them in other areas.
PK-K H&SSPK-K:11c Describing or identifying a map or globe.
PK-K H&SSPK-K:11e Using a simple map to find something.

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