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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 S1-2:47a. Change is something that happens to many things.
1,2 S1-2:49 Identifying the natural sources of the food that is consumed on a daily basis (e.g., Bread-- wheatãflour; Sapãmaple syrup; Pastureãmeat and dairy).
1,2 S1-2:49a. Most food comes from farms either directly as crops or through the animals that eat the crops.
2,3 H&SS3-4:16g Identifying behaviors that foster cooperation among individuals.
2,3 S3-4:34a. Energy derived from food is needed for all organisms (plants and animals) to stay alive and grow.
2,3 S3-4:49 the properties of living and non-living resources make them suitable for use by humans.
PK-K SPK-K:49 items that students consume on a daily basis: food, fiber, paper, wool or wood).
PK-K SPK-K:49a. Natural Resources are materials that we obtain from the living and non-living environment.

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