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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 S1-2:31a. All organisms undergo stages of development that include being born, developing into adulthood, reproducing and dying.
1,2 S1-2:31b. Most organisms come from male and female parents.
2,3 S3-4:31 Investigating and describing a variety of plant and animal life cycles.
2,3 S3-4:31a. Although all organisms have common stages of development, details of a life cycle are different for different organisms.
2,3 S3-4:36 Explaining how one organism depends upon another organism to survive.
2,3 S3-4:36a. Organisms interact with one another in various ways besides providing food Many plants depend on animals for carrying their pollen to other plants for fertilizing their flowers).
2,3 S3-4:42a. If germs are able to get inside a personĂªs body, they may keep it from working properly. Tears, saliva, and skin protect our bodies from germs.
PK-K SPK-K:34a. Plants and animals both need water, food, air, and space.
PK-K SPK-K:38a. Some living things (organisms) are identified as plants or animals.

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