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Alignment to Standards for VT

1,2 S1-2:34a. Plants need light (energy) to survive.
1,2 S1-2:46.2a. Earth materials are solid rocks and soils.
2,3 S3-4:35.1 Researching and designing a habitat and explaining how it meets the needs of the organisms that live there.
2,3 S3-4:35.1b. Organisms can survive best only in habitats in which their needs are met.
2,3 S3-4:36 Explaining how one organism depends upon another organism to survive.
2,3 S3-4:46 Observing, identifying and comparing components of soils and rocks.
2,3 S3-4:46.1 Recognizing and identifying the four basic materials of the earth (i.e., rocks, soil, water, and gases).
2,3 S3-4:46.2b. Earth materials are solid rocks, soils, water and the gases of the atmosphere.
2,3 S3-4:49a. The varied earth materials have different physical and chemical properties which make them useful in different ways, for example, as building materials, as sources of fuel, for growing the plants we use as food, or supporting animal life. Earth materials
2,3 S3-4:49b. Earth materials have chemical and physical properties that make them useful as building materials, for growing plants, or for fuel.
PK-K SPK-K:34a. Plants and animals both need water, food, air, and space.
PK-K SPK-K:38a. Some living things (organisms) are identified as plants or animals.

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