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Alignment to Standards for VA

1 SC-1.2a motion. Key concepts include objects may have straight, circular, and back-and-forth motions;
1 SC-1.2c motion. Key concepts include pushes or pulls can change the movement of an object; and
1 SC-1.2d motion. Key concepts include the motion of objects may be observed in toys and in playground activities.
4 SC-4.2a moving objects. Key concepts include motion is described by an objectês direction and speed;
4 SC-4.2b moving objects. Key concepts include forces cause changes in motion;
4 SC-4.2c moving objects. Key concepts include friction is a force that opposes motion; and
K SC-K.4b that the position, motion, and physical properties of an object can be described.
K SC-K.4c physical properties. Key concepts include textures (rough/smooth) and feel (hard/soft);
K SC-K.4d physical properties Key concepts include relative size and weight (big/little, large/small, heavy/light, wide/thin, long/short); and

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