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Alignment to Standards for VA

1 MA-1.18 investigate, identify, and describe various forms of data collection in his/her world (e.g., recording daily temperature, lunch count, attendance, and favorite ice cream), using tables, picture graphs, and object graphs.
1 SC-1.7b Seasonal changes: Key concepts include how temperature, light, and precipitation bring about changes in animals (behaviors, hibernation, migration, body covering, and habitat); and
2 SC-2.4a plant and animal life cycles. Key concepts include some animals (frogs and butterflies) undergo distinct stages during their lives, while others generally resemble their parents; and
2 SC-2.5a living things are part of a system. Key concepts include living organisms are interdependent with their living and nonliving surroundings; and
2 SC-2.5b living things are part of a system. Key concepts include habitats change over time due to many influences.
K MA-K.14 gather data relating to familiar experiences by counting and tallying.

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