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Alignment to Standards for VA

1 SC-1.5b animal characteristics:body coverings, body shape, appendages, and methods of movement)
1 SC-1.6a sun and the Earth. Key concepts include the sun is the source of heat and light that warms the land, air, and water; and
1 SC-1.7b Seasonal changes: Key concepts include how temperature, light, and precipitation bring about changes in animals (behaviors, hibernation, migration, body covering, and habitat); and
2 SC-2.5a living things are part of a system. Key concepts include living organisms are interdependent with their living and nonliving surroundings; and
2 SC-2.5b living things are part of a system. Key concepts include habitats change over time due to many influences.
2 SC-2.7a Seasonal changes: Key concepts include effects on growth and behavior of living things (migration, hibernation, camouflage, adaptation, dormancy); and
3 SC-3.10a Key concepts include the interdependency of plants and animals;
3 SC-3.4a animal adaptations: methods of gathering and storing food, finding shelter, defending themselves, and rearing young;
3 SC-3.4b animal adaptations: hibernation, migration, camouflage, mimicry, instinct, and learned behavior.
4 SC-4.5a plants and animals in an ecosystem Key concepts include behavioral and structural adaptations;

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