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Alignment to Standards for VA

1 MA-1.2 sort and classify concrete objects according to one or more attributes, including color, size, shape, and thickness.
1 SC-1.1c objects or events are classified and arranged according to attributes or properties;
1 SC-1.8a natural resources Key concepts include identification of natural resources (plants and animals, water, air, land, minerals, forests, and soil);
1 SC-1.8b natural resources Key concepts include factors that affect air and water quality
3 SC-3.11c sources of energy. Key concepts include fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) and wood; and
3 SC-3.11d sources of energy. Key concepts include renewable and nonrenewable energy resources.
3 SC-3.7c Key concepts include rock, clay, silt, sand, and humus are components of soils; and
4 SC-4.8c Virginia natural resources. Key concepts include minerals, rocks, ores, and energy sources; and
5 SC-5.1a rocks, minerals, and organisms are identified using a classification key;
5 SC-5.7a Earth surface constantly changes. Key concepts include the rock cycle including identification of rock types;
K MA-K.17 sort and classify objects according to similar attributes (size, shape, and color).
K SC-K.1e conduct investigations in which a set of objects is separated into two groups based on a single physical attribute;
K SC-K.4c physical properties. Key concepts include textures (rough/smooth) and feel (hard/soft);
K SC-K.8b Key concepts include the shapes and forms of many common natural objects including seeds, cones, and leaves;

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