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Alignment to Standards for TX

1 112.12 (b) (1) (C) identify and learn how to use natural resources and materials, including conservation and reuse or recycling of paper, plastic, and metals.
1 112.12 (b) (9) the living environment is composed of relationships between organisms and the life cycles that occur.
2 112.13. (b) (1) (C) identify and demonstrate how to use, conserve, and dispose of natural resources and materials such as conserving water and reuse or recycling of paper, plastic, and metal.
2 112.13. (b) (9) (C) ways living organisms depend on each other and on their environments such as food chains
K 112.11 (b) (3) (A) identify and explain a problem such as the impact of littering on the playground and propose a solution in his/her own words
K 113.2. (K.5) The student understands the physical and human characteristics of the environment.
PK PK.2. (F) begins to recognize that living things have similar needs for water, food, and air

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