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Alignment to Standards for TX

3 111.15 (3.11) (A) is expected to use linear measurement tools to estimate and measure lengths using standard units.
K 111.12 (K.10) directly compares the attributes of length, area, weight/mass, capacity, and/or relative temperature. uses comparative language to solve problems and answer questions.
K 111.12 (K.10) (A) is expected to compare and order two or three concrete objects according to length (longer/shorter than, or the same).
K 112.11 (b) (10) (B) identify parts of plants such as roots, stem, and leaves and parts of animals such as head, eyes, and limbs
PK PK.1. (D) begins to compare the numbers of concrete objects using language (e.g., ''same'' or ''equal,'' ''one more,'' ''more than,'' or ''less than'')

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