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Alignment to Standards for TX

3 112.14. (b) (10) (B) some characteristics of organisms are inherited such as the number of limbs on an animal or flower color and recognize that some behaviors are learned in response to living in a certain environment such as animals using tools to get food
5 112.16. (b) (10) (B) differentiate between inherited traits of plants and animals such as spines on a cactus or shape of a beak and learned behaviors such as an animal learning tricks or a child riding a bicycle
5 112.16. (b) (9) (A) organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements
K 111.12 (K.8) uses attributes to determine how objects are alike and different.
K 111.12 (K.8) (A) is expected to describe and identify an object by its attributes using informal language.
K 112.11 (b) (10) (B) identify parts of plants such as roots, stem, and leaves and parts of animals such as head, eyes, and limbs

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