Standards for TX

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Alignment to Standards for TX

1 113.3. (1.5) The student understands the purpose of maps and globes.
2 113.4. (2.5) uses simple geographic tools such as maps, globes, and photographs.
2 113.4. (2.5) (A) use symbols, find locations, and determine directions on maps and globes; and
3 113.5. (3.5) The student understands the concepts of location, distance, and direction on maps and globes.
3 113.5. (3.5) (A) use cardinal and intermediate directions to locate places such as the Amazon River, Himalayan Mountains, and Washington D.C. on maps and globes;
5 112.16. (b) (7) (D) identify fossils as evidence of past living organisms and the nature of the environments at the time using models.
K 113.2. (K.16) (B) create and interpret visuals including pictures and maps.

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