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Alignment to Standards for TX

1 111.13 (1.1) uses whole numbers to describe and compare quantities.
1 111.13 (1.5) recognizes patterns in numbers and operations.
1 111.13 (1.5) (B) is expected to find patterns in numbers, including odd and even.
2 111.14 (2.11) (B) is expected to draw conclusions and answer questions based on picture graphs and bar-type graphs.
2 111.14 (2.5) (A) is expected to find patterns in numbers such as in a 100s chart.
K 111.12 (K.1) uses numbers to name quantities.
K 111.12 (K.5) identifies, extends, and creates patterns.
PK PK.1. (B) counts by ones to 10 or higher
PK PK.1. (C) counts concrete objects to five or higher
PK PK.1. (D) begins to compare the numbers of concrete objects using language (e.g., ''same'' or ''equal,'' ''one more,'' ''more than,'' or ''less than'')
PK PK.1. (E) begins to name ''how many'' are in a group of up to three (or more) objects without counting (e.g., recognizing two or three crayons in a box)

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