Standards for SD

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Alignment to Standards for SD

1 SC-1.E.1.2. Students are able to describe rocks in terms of properties.
1 SC-1.P.1.1. Students are able to categorize objects by physical attributes such as color, size, and shape.
2 SC-2.P.1.1. Students are able to classify solids in terms of the materials they are made of and their physical properties.
2 SS-2.E.1.1. compare natural resources and human resources and how they are used.
3 SC-3.E.1.1. Students are able to define the difference between a rock and a mineral.
3 SC-3.E.1.2. Describe how humans use Earthês natural resources, e.g. minerals for jewelry or trees for paper
3 SC-3.P.1.1. Students are able to describe physical properties of matter using the senses: touch, smell, color, size, shape, hardness, opacity, flexibility, texture, smell, temperature, weight
K SC-K.E.1.1.a Explore rocks, sand, water, and soil.
K SC-K.P.1.1. Students are able to use senses to describe solid objects in terms of physical attributes.
K SC-K.P.1.1.b similarities /differences of various objects.

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