Standards for SD

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Alignment to Standards for SD

1 SS-1.G.1.3. Identify a continent as a large land mass and an ocean as a large body of water.
2 SC-2.E.1.2. geological features using maps and globes. e.g. Locate mountains, plains, valleys, and bodies of water on a globe or map.
2 SS-2.G.1.2. Use simple map reading skills to identify the map title, label four directions on a compass rose, and interpret the symbols of a map key/legend.
3 SS-3.G.1.1. Identify and use map components.
3 SS-3.G.1.3. Locate the seven continents, four major oceans, major United States landforms, and state boundaries on a map or globe.
5 SC-5.E.1.1.a formation of geological features of the Earth through plate tectonics: volcanoes, faults, ocean trenches
5 SC-5.E.1.1.b Earthês surface is constantly changing: earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, erosion, and deposition
K SS-K.G.1.1. Use map colors to recognize land and water.

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