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Alignment to Standards for PA

K-4 4.2.B1. Identify products made from trees.
K-4 4.2.B2. Identify by-products of plants and animals.
K-4 4.3.A. plants, animals and humans are dependent on air and water.
K-4 4.4.4A1. Identify peopleês basic needs
K-4 4.4.4C. Know that food and fiber originate from plants and animals.
K-4 4.6.A. Understand that living things are dependent on nonliving things in the environment for survival.
K-4 4.6.C. Identify how ecosystems change over time.
K-4 4.8.4A. Identify the biological requirements of humans.
K-4 4.8.4A2. Identify several ways that people use natural resources.
K-4 4.8.4B1. Identify how regional natural resources influence what people use.
K-4 4.8.4B2. Explain the influence of climate on how and where people live.
K-4 4.8.4C2. how human activities within a community affect the natural environment.
K-4 4.8.4D. Know the importance of natural resources in daily life.

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