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Alignment to Standards for PA

K-4 4.1.4A. Identify various types of water environments.
K-4 4.1.4C. Identify living things found in water environments.
K-4 4.3.A3. Identify things that cause sickness when put into the air, water or soil.
K-4 4.3.A4. Identify different areas where health can be affected by air, water or land pollution.
K-4 4.3.B. Identify how human actions affect environmental health.
K-4 4.3.B2. Identify sources of pollution.
K-4 4.3.B3. Identify litter and its effect on the environment.
K-4 4.3.B4. Describe how people can reduce pollution.
K-4 4.4.4C2. Identify what plants and animals need to grow.
K-4 4.6.A2. Describe the basic needs of an organism.
K-4 4.6.A3. Identify basic needs of a plant and an animal and explain how their needs are met.
K-4 4.6.C. Identify how ecosystems change over time.
K-4 4.7.4C1. Identify plants and animals that are extinct.

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