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Alignment to Standards for PA

K-3 3.1.4A2. Identify system parts that are natural and human-made (e.g., ball point pen, simple electrical circuits, plant anatomy).
K-3 3.1.4E4. Describe the change to objects caused by heat, cold, light or chemicals.
K-3 3.4.4A1. Describe properties of matter (e.g., hardness, reactions to simple chemical tests).
K-3 3.4.4A3. material characteristics (e.g., texture, state of matter, solubility).
K-3 3.5.4B. Know types and uses of earth materials.
K-3 3.5.4B1. Identify uses of various earth materials (e.g., buildings, highways, fuels, growing plants).
K-3 3.5.4B2. Identify and sort earth materials according to a classification key (e.g., soil/rock type).
K-3 3.6.4.C6. Identify basic resources needed to produce a manufactured item.
K-3 3.8.4B2. Identify and distinguish between natural and human-made resources.
K-4 4.2.A1. Identify plants, animals, water, air, minerals and fossil fuels as natural resources.
K-4 4.2.B. Identify products derived from natural resources.
K-4 4.2.B2. Identify by-products of plants and animals.
K-4 4.4.4C. Know that food and fiber originate from plants and animals.
K-4 4.8.4A2. Identify several ways that people use natural resources.

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