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Alignment to Standards for PA

K-3 3.3.4A1. Identify life processes of living things (growth, digestion, react to environment).
K-3 3.3.4A3. Describe basic needs of plants and animals.
K-3 3.3.4C1. Identify characteristics for animal and plant survival in different climates.
K-3 3.4.4A1. Describe properties of matter (e.g., hardness, reactions to simple chemical tests).
K-3 3.5.4B. Know types and uses of earth materials.
K-3 3.8.4B1. Identify and distinguish between human needs and improving the quality of life.
K-4 4.3.A. plants, animals and humans are dependent on air and water.
K-4 4.3.C. Understand that the elements of natural systems are interdependent.
K-4 4.3.C1. Identify some of the organisms that live together in an ecosystem.
K-4 4.3.C2. Understand that the components of a system all play a part in a healthy natural system.
K-4 4.3.C3. Identify the effects of a healthy environment on the ecosystem.
K-4 4.4.4C2. Identify what plants and animals need to grow.
K-4 4.6.A10. Identify a simple ecosystem and its living and nonliving components.
K-4 4.6.A11. Identify common soil textures.
K-4 4.6.A2. Describe the basic needs of an organism.
K-4 4.6.A3. Identify basic needs of a plant and an animal and explain how their needs are met.
K-4 4.6.A4. Identify plants and animals with their habitat and food sources.
K-4 4.6.A5. Identify environmental variables that affect plant growth.
K-4 4.7.4A. Identify differences in living things.
K-4 4.7.4A3 Explain why each of the four elements in a habitat is essential for survival.

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