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Alignment to Standards for PA

K-3 3.3.4A. Know the similarities and differences of living things.
K-3 3.3.4A1. Identify life processes of living things (growth, digestion, react to environment).
K-3 3.3.4A2. some organisms have similar external characteristics: anatomical, appendages, type of covering, body segments; similarities and differences are related to environmental habitat.
K-3 3.3.4B. Know that living things are made up of parts that have specific functions.
K-3 3.3.4B2. Determine how different parts of a living thing work together to make the organism function.
K-3 3.3.4C. Know that characteristics are inherited and, thus, offspring closely resemble their parents.
K-4 4.2.C2. Identify various means of conserving natural resources.
K-4 4.2.D2. Identify those items that can be recycled and those that can not.
K-4 4.2.D3. Identify use of reusable products.
K-4 4.3.B. Identify how human actions affect environmental health.
K-4 4.3.B4. Describe how people can reduce pollution.
K-4 4.7.4A. Identify differences in living things.
K-4 4.7.4A1 Explain why plants and animals are different colors, shapes and sizes and how these differences relate to their survival.
K-4 4.7.4B. Know that adaptations are important for survival.
K-4 4.8.4C1. Identify everyday human activities and how they affect the environment.
K-4 4.8.4D2. Identify ways to conserve our natural resources.
K-4 4.9.4A2 Explain how the recycling law impacts the school and home.

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