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Alignment to Standards for OH

1 SC/1 LS-B1 Resources are necessary to meet the needs of an individual and populations of individuals. Living things interact with their physical environments as they meet those needs.
1 SS/1 HIST 1 Time can be divided into categories (e.g., months of the year, past, present and future).
2 SC/2 ES-C Long- and short-term weather changes occur due to changes in energy: temperature, precipitation amount and wind
2 SC/2 LS-A Living things cause changes on Earth. (good/bad or fast/slow)
2 SS/2 HIST1 Time can be shown graphically on calendars and timelines.
3 SC/3 LS-A Offspring resemble their parents and each other.
3 SC/3 LS-C Plants and animals have life cycles that are part of their adaptations for survival in their natural environments.
4 SC/4 LS-A Changes in an organismês environment are sometimes beneficial to its survival and sometimes harmful.
K SC/K ES-A3 Wind, temperature and precipitation can be used to document short-term weather changes that are observable.
K SC/K ES-A4 Yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes.
K SC/K LS-B Living things have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival.
K SS/PK HIST 1 Time can be measured
PK SC/PK ESS-A Weather changes every day. (include seasons)
PK SC/PK ESS-C1 When it rains, water can create puddles or cause flooding.
PK SC/PK LS-A1 Plants and animals have traits that improve their chances of living in different environments.
PK SC/PK LS-B Similarities and differences exist among individuals of the same kinds of plants and animals.
PK SC/PK LS-B1 Individuals among plants and animals of the same kind show greater likeness than difference, even though they vary in some traits and behaviors.
PK SC/PK LS-B2 Living things have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival.

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