Standards for OH

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Alignment to Standards for OH

1 SC/1 LS-B1 Resources are necessary to meet the needs of an individual and populations of individuals. Living things interact with their physical environments as they meet those needs.
1 SC/1 LS-B2 Effects of seasonal changes within the local environment directly impact the availability of resources.
1 SS/1 GEO 6 Families interact with the physical environment differently in different times and places.
1 SS/1 GEO 7 Diverse cultural practices address basic human needs in various ways and may change over time.
2 SS/2 GEO8 Cultures develop in unique ways, in part through the influence of the physical environment.
5 SS/5 GEO 8 American Indians developed unique cultures with many different ways of life. American Indian tribes and nations can be classified into cultural groups based on geographic and cultural similarities.
K SS/PK HIST 3 Heritage is reflected through the arts, customs, traditions, family celebrations and language.

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