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Alignment to Standards for OH

1 SC/1 LS-B1 Resources are necessary to meet the needs of an individual and populations of individuals. Living things interact with their physical environments as they meet those needs.
1 SS/1 GEO 5 Places are distinctive because of their physical characteristics (land forms and bodies of water) and human characteristics (structures built by people).
2 SC/2 ES-C Long- and short-term weather changes occur due to changes in energy: temperature, precipitation amount and wind
3 SC/3 LS-A Offspring resemble their parents and each other.
3 SC/3 LS-C Plants and animals have life cycles that are part of their adaptations for survival in their natural environments.
4 SC/4 ES-A Earthês surface has specific characteristics and landforms that can be identified.
5 2SC/5 LS-A Food webs can be used to identify the relationships among producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem.
5 SC/5 LS-B2 Energy entering ecosystems as sunlight is transferred and transformed by producers into energy that organisms use through the process of photosynthesis. That energy then passes from organism to organism as illustrated in food webs.
K SC/K ES-A1 Weather changes occur throughout the day and from day to day.
K SC/K ES-A3 Wind, temperature and precipitation can be used to document short-term weather changes that are observable.
K SC/K ES-A4 Yearly weather changes (seasons) are observable patterns in the daily weather changes.
K SC/K LS-B Living things have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival.
PK SC/PK ESS-A Weather changes every day. (include seasons)
PK SC/PK ESS-C Water can be observed as lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, the ocean, rainfall, hail, sleet or snow.
PK SC/PK LS-A1 Plants and animals have traits that improve their chances of living in different environments.
PK SC/PK LS-B2 Living things have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival.

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