Standards for OH

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Alignment to Standards for OH

1 SC/1 LS-A Living things have basic needs, which are met by obtaining materials from the physical environment.
1 SC/1 LS-B Living things survive only in environments that meet their needs.
1 SC/1 LS-B1 Resources are necessary to meet the needs of an individual and populations of individuals. Living things interact with their physical environments as they meet those needs.
3 SC/3 ES-A1 Soil is composed of pieces of rock, organic material, water and air and has characteristics that can be measured and observed.
3 SC/3 ES-A2 Rocks have unique characteristics that allow them to be sorted and classified. Rocks form in different ways.
PK SC/PK ESS-D Rocks and soil have properties that can help identify them.
PK SC/PK LS-B3 Physical traits and behaviors of plants and animals are sometimes the same and sometimes different from the characteristics ascribed to them in stories.

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