Standards for OH

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Alignment to Standards for OH

1 SC/1 ES-A The sun is the principal source of energy.
2 SC/2 ES-A The atmosphere is made up of air. Air can be observed and measured. The transfer of energy in the atmosphere causes air movement, which is felt as wind. Wind speed and direction can be measured.
2 SS/2 EC 13 Information displayed on bar graphs can be used to compare quantities.
3 SC/3 ES-A3 Air and water are nonliving resources.
4 SS/4 EC 22 Tables and charts help people to understand information and issues. Tables organize information in columns and rows. Charts organize information in a variety of visual formats
5 SC/5 ES-A The solar system includes the sun and all celestial bodies that orbit the sun. Each planet in the solar system has unique characteristics.
5 SC/5 ES-B The sun is one of many stars that exist in the universe.
5 SC/5 ES-C Most of the cycles and patterns of motion between the Earth and sun are predictable. (24-hour day, lunar month, seasons)
5 SC/5 LS-B1 For ecosystems, the major source of energy is sunlight.
PK SC/PK ESS-A Weather changes every day. (include seasons)

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