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Alignment to Standards for NV

3,4,5 SC-E.5.B there are many components in the solar system including Earth.
3,4,5 SC-E.5.B.2 the solar system includes the Sun, planets, and moons. E/S
3,4,5 SC-E.5.B.3 stars are like the Sun, but they are so far away that they look like points of light. W/L
3,4,5 SC-E.5.B.4 there are cyclical patterns of observable objects in the solar system. I/S
K-2 SC-E.2.B there are objects in the sky, which display patterns.
K-2 SC-E.2.B.1 objects in the sky display patterns in how they look, where they are located, and how they move. I/S
K-2 SC-E.2.B.2 the Sun rises every day, and the Moon can rise during the day and/or the night. E/S
K-2 SC-E.2.B.3 the Sun and Moon appear to move across the sky. I/L
K-2 SC-E.2.B.4 the Moon appears to change shape over the course of a month. I/L

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