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Alignment to Standards for NV

3,4,5 SC-P.5.B forces can change the position and motion of an object.
3,4,5 SC-P.5.B.1 when an unbalanced force is applied to an object, the object either speeds up, slows down, or goes in a different direction. E/S
3,4,5 SC-P.5.B.2 how the strength of a force and mass of an object influence the amount of change in an objectês motion. E/S
K-2 SC-P.2.B position and motion of objects can be described.
K-2 SC-P.2.B.1 the position and motion of an object can be changed by pushing or pulling. E/S
K-2 SC-P.2.B.2 things move in many different ways and at different speeds (e.g., straight line, zigzag, vibration, circular motion, fast/slow). E/S

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