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Alignment to Standards for NV

2 G8.2.4 Define and provide examples of natural hazards.
3 G8.3.4 Identify people, groups, and organizations that respond to natural hazards.
3,4,5 SC-E.5.A understand the water cycles relationship to weather.
3,4,5 SC-E.5.A.4 the role of water in many phenomena related to weather (e.g., thunderstorms, snowstorms, flooding, drought). E/S
3,4,5 SC-E.5.C features on the Earths surface are constantly changed by a combination of slow and rapid processes.
3,4,5 SC-E.5.C.3 landforms may result from slow processes (e.g. erosion and deposition) and fast processes (e.g. volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, flood, and human activity). E/S
5 G8.5.4 Identify and locate potential natural hazards in the United States and their impacts on the land and population.
K-2 SC-E.2.A changes in weather often involve water changing from one state to another.

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