Standards for NM

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Alignment to Standards for NM

1 SC-1) ways to make things move, what causes them to stop, and what causes a change of speed, or change of direction.
2 SC-2) the strength of a push or pull affects the change in an objectês motion (e.g., how a big or small push affects how high a swing rises).
3 SC-3) some forces produce motion without objects touching (e.g., magnetic force on nails).
4 SC-4) describe the motion of an object by measuring its change of position over a period of time.
4 SC-4) some forces act on contact and other forces act at a distance (e.g., a person pushing a rock versus gravity acting on a rock).
K SC-K) things move in different ways (e.g., straight line, vibration, circular).
K SC-K) the position and motion of an object (direction or speed) are changed by pushing or pulling it.

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